The Great Rebel Raft Regatta

Climate Camp, Kingsnorth


Organised together with climate campers and the Space Hijackers, The Great Rebel Raft Regatta (The G.R.R.R) was part of the day mass action for the Camp for Climate Action that targeted the coal fired power station at Kingsnorth (Kent) in 2008. The G.R.R.R involved two operations:  Operation IKEA brought 14 ready made rafts secretly to both shores, whilst Operation Treasure Island involved participants using a treasure map to find 10 inflatables (and a bottle of rum) buried in the woods. Despite a ban, 1400 police, 2 high speed ribs and a Sea King helicopter, 123 rebel rafters managed to make it onto the water. One raft even managed to disrupt the operation of the power station by blocking the water intake pipe.