Le Laboratoire d'Imagination Insurrectionnelle

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The Labo offers workshops, trainings and courses exploring together how to design new forms of creative disobedience and how to become joyfully ungovernable by building desirable worlds in the here now. We intervene in diverse contexts: cultural institutions, universities, art schools, theatre conservatoirs, squats, NGOs and social movements.

Our pedagogy is rooted in the principles of popular education, i.e. not to separate action from analysis, not to separate those who do from those who think and decide, and to work out together ways to transform our worlds so that they are liveable for all. We are convinced that everyone has a formidable power to become the architects of their lives and worlds, but that this force only arises through coming in contact with like minded people and building collective practices together. Teaching and learning has the potential to open up spaces where where such processes can be triggered.

For us, learning must involve head, heart and hands and is an active process involving sharing experiences and reflection. The methods used by the Lab are playful and participative with collective and horizontal practices at their core, aiming to empower participants to fight against (obvious and more insidious) hierarchies and dominations, and enabling them to co-construct the workshops' outcomes together. Participants are invited to join the workshops in a spirit of cooperation and adventure.

All the workshops, courses and trainings listed below can be offered as a half-day introductory session, a more extensive 2 or 3-day version or as an intensive 10 to 15-day course. Most of them involve the collective design of an act of creative resistance on a topic or topics chosen by the participants.

Tailor-made workshops, both in terms of content and duration, can also be designed according to the needs and desires of the groups that contact us.