We have never been here before

European Tour


For this experiment, the Labo retreated for a moment to the relative safety of the stage to collectively ask some disturbing questions about how to change our world. An undercover police officer disguised as a clown, a man in drag losing his high heels in a riot, trees planted in the middle of a motorway, the audience invading the stage and collectively killing their fear… The autobiographical lecture performance “We Have Never Been Here Before” turned the theatre into an assembly of hope in the dark and asked how we can remain empowered when our worlds are being ripped apart and life itself is threatened with extinction.

Sitting uncomfortably between witty confessional, popular education and an absurd rehearsal for the apocalypse, “We Have Never Been Here Before” is a journey of empowerment in a time when hope seems so slippery. Do we have the courage to take life so seriously that we are prepared to lose everything in order to protect it?

Premiere at Berliner Festspiele on 04/07/2014 (full show).


Raus aus dem Kunstsystem (Out of the art system), a review by Elena Philipp (in German)