AFTER ART (online)

After Art is a 7 session online course which invites participants to explore what might come after art: What would the future look like if art as we know it – this European notion a little over 200 years old, invented by the white elites in the colonial metropolises and imposed as a universal feature of civilization everywhere – merged back into the everyday life from which it was violently ripped?

After Art explores how art can become a means not an end, encouraging participants to extend (maybe even transform) their own practice, by re-localising it and making it “useful” to radical social and ecological transformation and movements. In these highly stressful times, it also explores how to build a supportive network of fellow practitioners and to look at how to make practices sustainable by sharing regenerative tools, emphasizing the balance between connection with self, other and the living world.

The following themes are the backbone of the course, which will be adapted to the participants’ needs :
– The art of attention : what does it mean and involve to truly pay attention to one’s own needs and those of other living beings ?
– Entangling art, activism and everyday life: The art of balancing creativity and resistance, the Yes and the No. How to always resist and propose in the same gesture.
– “As if ”: Understanding the relationship between art, magick and activism. Using rituals to train the power of imagination, to create reality, rather than escape it.
– The craft of “re-territorialising”: Exploring one’s own place to grow roots and feel anchored
– Dissolve the Binaries: The collapse of dualisms within contemporary life sciences and how the expression of sensibility and aliveness of the living world could be seen as an art of life.
– Resisting Burn out: How to identify risks of burn out in one’s life, build resilience and take steps to chose wonder and joy over despair.

The course is based on a diversity of teaching and learning methods, many of them experiential (games, journal writing, guided meditations, sit spots, presentations, discussions,..). Pedagogical material (readings, films, podcasts, recorded meditations, etc) will be available online.
The next offering of After Art will be advertised as soon as dates are set, check out our news.

Maximum number of participants : 20

This course emerged out of the writing of our latest book: We Are ‘Nature’ Defending Itself : Entangling Art, Activism & Autonomous Zones.

It was first offered in collaboration with the Future Ventures Foundation